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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Decoupage +Mixed Media- Altered Box Tutorial by DT Megha

Hello everyone,

Today I am here with a Tutorial post for you all. I have incorporated decoupage and mix media techniques into one project.

I am making a book box for a mother from her daughters on the occasion of Mother's Day! Here's a look at the book box:

Step 1: To make this, begin by choosing a box which opens like a book, of any size. Choose a decoupage pattern paper or card stock which looks rich and vintage. I have picked up the Vintage papers from Papericious. 

Step2: Cut the papers according to the size of your box. I prefer using a paper trimmer for this, as it gives a neat cut and precise measurements. Use decoupage glue and adhere the papers on the insides of the box, all sides and the inside lid.

Step 3: Use acrylic paints and paint the rim and corners of the box. In this case, I have used a Royal Blue Colour. 

Step 4: Time to add texture. Apply modelling paste on the outer sides of the box with a spatula. For texture, use a pointed sharp object and run through it. In this case, I have used a long needle to mimic the effect of book pages. 

Step 5: Time to add colour to the texture. You could use any form of spray colours. Acrylic colours watered down will also work. I have used the 13 Arts Sprays. When adding colours, always remember to work in layers. Dry between coats. For my box, I have used the colours Brown, Yellow and Grey. I have done this on the three sides of the box, leaving the spine untouched.

Step 6: Next time to decorate the outside of the box. Choose pattern paper for the top, bottom and spine of the box. Once cut down to size, using decoupage glue adhere it. 

Step 7: Lets add some textures and dimension. Using a stencil add modelling paste. I've added texture to depict grandness and give it a vintage look. You could further add texture with cut pieces of burlap like I have done. Once down in place, randomly brush white gesso.  

Step 8: Next, time to add elements. You could use chipboard and metal elements. I have used some pattern chipboards as well as the Star Confetti from Rainbow Craftykari. Once your elements are glued down, cover them with a coat of white gesso.

Step 9: Since I had a vintage look in mind, I decided  to use the rust and patina paste to add colour and texture. I am applying each colour in turn and building the colour intensity, starting from darkest to lightest.

Step 10: Next, I wanted to incldue the photographs on the box. I have used corrugated sheet to uplift them. I have also added paper flowers in white and shades of brown. For more texture, I have mixed yellow rust paste and a tinge of blue patina paste in the art stones to get the mustard rust look and adhered them with matte gel medium. Waxes highlight all this amazing texture. I have used Brass and White Gold waxes to highlight the details.

Step 11: For me, a project like this is completed with splatters. I have added rust yellow and white paint splatters, making sure to dry one colour before splattering the next.

Step 12: Next, let's complete the spine of the book box. Using the same stencil which we used on the lid, create a pattern with modelling paste. I have used diluted yellow rust paste to add colour. Once dry, I've used the waxes to finish it up for a vintage look.

Step 13: To complete it, use some background stamp with Black and Coffee Archival Ink and randomly stamp,  highlighting texture and details all over the box where needed. 

Screw the hinges and assemble the box to complete it.

Here are some more pictures:

Supplies used:

  • MDF Book Box
  • Modelling Paste 
  • White Gesso 
  • Stencil
  • Matt Medium 
  • Burlap Sheet 
  • Papericious Pattern Paper 
  • Decoupage Glue 
  • Flowers 
  • Metal Charms
  • Stamps
  • Archival Inks,
  • Rainbow Craftykari MDF Star Confetti
  • 13 Arts Colour Sprays 
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Finnabair waxes
  • Patina and Rust Pastes
  • Art Stones
  • Liquid Glue
  • Heat Gun
Most of the above-listed materials are available on the Rainbow Craftykari Store and can also be pre-ordered by sending an e-mail at
Do visit the Rainbow Craftykari store HERE

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Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Cinderella Jar- Inspiration post by DT Vidhi

Hello folks,

                    I am back on the blog with another Inspirational post!!! When you are surrounded by two little beautiful daughters, all you can think about is fairy tales and princesses !!! So this time I am inspired by Cinderella, her beautiful blue coloured dress, and sparkling glass sandals.

This is my first time altering a mini-object. It’s always difficult to alter a mini object as handling it is an issue and the space to be creative gets limited. I have still tried giving textures and put little elements on it. Hope you guys like it.

First, I took a ketchup jar and altered it for my mini project. I started with modelling paste, applied two to three textures through stencils on the Jar with a knife. Then I stuck small pieces of lace on it. Next, I covered the surface with white gesso.

Next, I randomly added mini and mega stones in soft gloss gel to give more depth to the jar. With the hot glue gun, I have tried giving a look of hanging flowers along with some small hearts and twinkling stars

I used texture paste to create a rough surface for the lid of the jar and as a highlight "a glass sandal " on the top. I took a toy sandal from one of my daughter's toys and gave a coat of white gesso. To make it look like a glass sandal, I added silver glitter on it. I used Lindy's magical shakers on the jar to give shades of blue colour, as Cinderella's Blue dress is quite tempting for little girls. In the end, I added some glass stones on the lid near the sandal to make it look like as it was winter and covered in snow. 

Hope you guys like my project and it inspires you to try your hands on your very own alter mini project !!! The jar is even smaller than Lindy's Magical shaker bottle !!!  It's quite challenging but the whole process was fun. 


  • Texture Paste
  • Mini and Mega Art Stones by Finnabair
  • White Gesso
  • Lindy's Magical Shakers
  • Glass Stones
  • Silver Glitter
  • Lace
  • Flowers
  • MDF Hearts & Stars

Do visit the Rainbow Craftykari store HERE

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Happy Crafting


Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Rusty Iron Mask Tutorial by DT Vidhi

Hello Crafty Friends,
How are you all, enjoying the spring or have you already started sweltering under the Sun?
Let me fetch you some breeze with my first ‘Picture Tutorial’ at Rainbow Craftykari Blog as a DT member.
Last Sunday I went with my kids to a nearby garden. As we were walking out of the garden after play time, we spotted a street side vendor selling some toys. Kids had their gala time choosing the toys for themselves. There lay a mask and it captivated me.
The crafter in me awakened and urged me to grab it. I had a thought of giving it a make over… Metal finish with Mix Media Art! Even before reaching home, my mind was searching my treasure trove for trivia and embellishments.

So here is how I made this Rusty Iron Mask...

Enjoy a video flip through and the step by step instructions below

Step1: Priming the base. It is always good to prime the base with gesso, so it holds any further mediums and colours.
I gave it a coat of Black Gesso although it was already Black. I applied it as a primer so that it holds the colours perfectly as the material is plastic.

Step2: Adding textures. Using a stencil, apply modelling paste on the mask randomly.

At some places, I applied Grainy Sand Paste and Fibre Paste to add more depth. Around the nose area, I gave an effect of little scar with the knife.

Once all the textures dry give the entire mask of another coat of black gesso.

Step3: Adding elements to the mask.
I had some leftover chipboards pieces. So I decided to put them to use, I drew some different uneven shapes on it and cut it down with scissor. At some places, I punched the holes with the help of eyelet punch. And at some places I added the eyelet rings. I gave all these pieces a coat of black gesso and once they were dry, I gave them a coat of White Crackle Paste.

Step4: Picking out embellishments.
I used different things from my treasure on the mask as a base, e.g. thread, buttons, wires, screws, broken jewellery pieces, stones, buttons, mdf steampunk gears, bottle caps, pebble stones, broken watch pieces, and broken half of spectacles! I used chipboard shapes as a last step.

If you have noticed, I made a conscious effort to select all the things that could imply masculinity on this project.
I glued all the things one by one on the base with tacky glue. I layered themon top of one another to give more depth. Since the chipboard pieces are stiff, I sprinkled a mix of water+ glycerin solution on them, to shape them as I stuck them.

Step5: Gluing and priming the embellishments.
Here are some close ups of the arrangements for your perusal. After the glue dried, I applied a think layer of black gesso on the embellishments, leaving out the gears.

Step6: Time to add colour!
Once my layers were dry, I gave a coat of Rustic Brown Acrylic Metallic Paint on the layers.

At this stage, a useful tip would be to take a little bit of the colour and to do dry brushing with it.
Second layer was a coat of Red Wine Metallic Paint and it was followed by Gold Amber for highlighting.

Step7: Enhancing the mettalic look.
I wanted my mask to have a metallic finish. For this, I rubbed waxes - Aged Brass and Brushed Iron randomly.

And with that the Rusty Iron Mask is ready!!!

Supplies Used:
  • Plastic Mask
  • Black Gesso
  • Modelling Paste
  • Grainy Sand Texture Paste and Fiber Texture Paste
  • Chipboards
  • White Crackle Paste
  • Finnabair Metalic Acrylic Paints 
  • Finnabair Waxes
  • Tacky Glue
Most of the above-listed materials are available on the Rainbow Craftykari Store and can also be pre-ordered by sending an e-mail at

Do visit the Rainbow Craftykari store HERE

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Hope you guys liked it. Look forward to hear from you about your variations of this one!
Happy Crafting,